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Academics / Counseling

Academic Counseling

The Office of Career Excellence was launched to align with Alpha College's mission to provide students with the support they deserve to have at their disposal. If we are to see them cultivate and thrive in a culture that values altruism in the midst of competitiveness, they require guidance and support in deciding their future career-paths, and executing their choice as smoothly as possible.

OCE aims to ensure a successful transition for graduates of Alpha College into high pressure University life. This office offers counselling, placement services and undertakes a wide range of activities. Additionally it equips students with presentations, on-campus education expos, T&D, networking, workshops on resume writing and interviewing skills among others. Career counsellors are always at hand to meet individually with students through every step in their career exploration, internship and university searches.

Under this mentorship, students can benefit from personalized guidance on setting and maintaining career goals, gaining self-awareness, industry awareness, build career networks, and make informed decisions which result in fulfilling career choices. At OCE we all come together, to bring a wave of change.

Guidance Counseling

Guidance Counselling is launched under the 'System of Care' at Alpha to enable better mental health. We make strides to break the stigma and provide students with needed support and access to trained guidance counsellors who maximize their potential as a student.

The councilors at Alpha College provide behavioral and mental counselling and build skills for students to tackle self-confidence & self-esteem issues. As a result, our students benefit in the form of boosted confidence, courage and realized potential.