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About Us / Our Philosophy

Welcome toAlpha College

What began as a dream is now a reality and by the grace of Allah will exist perpetually to achieve what we set out to get. Alpha College is the net sum of years of untainted consistent hard work which has created a union of educationists who believe in the same ideology.


Being Alpha isn't simply about entering into Alpha College. It's a way of life and true Alphas know that.

The Alpha is the leader, the spearhead, the initiator and sometimes even the black sheep, only because he is willing where the others play it safe. But more than that, the Alpha is the one in charge, the one who finds responsibility and takes it to be his natural element. The Alpha looks after the rest, guides them to success, encourages progress and leads as an example. At Alpha College we believe in cooperation over competition. We believe that the only way forward is together. We seek to create a community where everyone works to his/her strength not only to meet their own aspirations but also to promote and protect the dreams of their peers.

The dream is to create an environment where ideas are born and executed. Where true learning takes place. Learning for the sake of knowing, for the desire of progress, learning as value addition. Our philosophy is in the education that we believe in. The education that is a part of our lives and deservingly everyone's

mission statement

Our mission is to bring together likeminded educationists to create the most constructive and holistic learning experience for our students.

Alpha College symbolizes the next step towards education which will create well informed, imaginative and socially responsible students. We aim to inculcate social, moral and professional sensibility in our pupils to make them productive and responsible global citizens.