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Seek and Ye Shall Find

The Forest Knows Asháninka people, one of South America’s largest tribes, have designed a way of life centered around cultural empowerment,....

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All This Mayhem

Where’s The Avatar? Because we need some elemental control! Global warming is real, and it’s impacting the planet real bad. Unfortunately,....

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Above and Beyond

  The title of today’s blog represents our AEN motto, and by delivering more than promised, the community benefits ten folds in bringing prosp....

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You Know It’s Not The Same

Like Harry Styles, we are here today to see everything “As it Was” and how well they are developing for a better tomorrow. Nevertheless, it....

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Media-wars Canada has taken the world by storm, as Google and Meta are to withdraw news article access in the country if the legislation ....

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Expect The Unexpected

Twists – by Wall Street Although Wall Street predicted a surge for oil this year, however, prices have gone down significantly (At least ....

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Steep Roads Ahead!

We know that drifting is done sideways but one thing is certain, you either move sideways or move away from the tracks. And that’s what w....

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Around The World

You know what they say, ain’t nothing better than a trip around the world! It’s the best way to realize how thankful one can be for the sunsh....

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Exploring The Essentials

This year has been one roller coaster ride so far. Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic to being overwhelmed by AI in 2023 has been one big tu....

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10 Things to Look Forward To At Alpha

Pack Wars Alpha has 4 highly competitive and energetic clubs, namely Sawtooth, Rufus, Arcadian, and Timber. The pack wars are an exciting and na....

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4 Way to Improve Relevance in Class as a Teacher

Teaching college students is often challenging when students are in transition and settling into young adulthood. The dynamics between the educat....

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