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STEM Society

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It promotes the creative and logical thinking skills of students. Whether it is organizing tech-savvy events throughout the year or participating in some of the best competitions nationwide, STEM Society provides you with a platform to showcase your abilities. The STEM Society leads events such as Robosonic, Matharon, Robonaut, and Epsilon.


  • hypercube by PAF chapter
    • Winners of Module Davinci construct
    • Runner ups of module tectonix
  • Psifi by LUMS
    • Winners of Module Gear up
  • Omicron by Habib University
    • Runners ups of Gobot Module
  • Rubik 2.0 by Credo College
    • Overall Runner Ups
    • Runner up in Buzz it up
    • Runner Ups C-Con
    • Winners C-Con
    • Winners Bot wrestling
  • Mathematika by IBA
    • Third position

Events & Activities