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MAD Society

MAD Society, representing Music, Art and Drama, educates the students of Alpha in understanding the critical role that art and its expression hold in today’s society. We aim to cater to every talented individual at Alpha to learn and provide a platform of equal opportunity to showcase their talents. MAD Society does and is determined to do this every year with the support of Alpha College. MAD Society also contributes to social events and organizes Creative Baithak annually.


  • ObhartaySitaray 2018
    • First position (team category)
    • First position (individual pop category)
  • Enigma 2018
    • Runner up (individual category)
    • Runner up (rang de)
  • Obhartaysitaray 2019
    • 2nd runner up (team category)
    • 2nd runner up (individual category)
  • Public Speaking Society
    • Total individual awards in MUNs: 29
    • Total team awards as in Best Delegation rankings: 2
    • Total Team Rankings in Parli: 3
    • Total Best Speaker Rankings: 5

Events & Activities