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Alpha College offers scholarships to commemorate outstanding scholastic achievements. To remain eligible for the scholarship, a student must maintain 90% attendance and maintain his/her grades in all the subjects throughout the A' Level programme. Failure to do so will result in the scholarship being transferred to another deserving candidate.

First and Second Round

Scholarship Criteria
100% 9 As with at least 6 A*
80% 8 As with at least 4 A*
60% 7 As with at least 3 A*
40% 6 As with at least 2 A*
20% 5 A*s / As

Third and Forth Round

Scholarship Criteria
80% 9 As with at least 6 A*
60% 8 As with at least 4 A*
40% 7 As with at least 3 A*
30% 6 As with at least 2 A*
20% 5 A*s / As

Need-based Scholarships: Deserving candidates who need financial support can receive need-based scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must have outstanding academic performance throughout their time in the college.

Sports scholarships: This scholarship is awarded to students with outstanding personal sports achievements at provincial, national or international level.

Note: Need-based and sports scholarships are awarded at the decision of the college administration. The college also expects the parents of such students to stay in the loop, to create a strong home-school link and work together so that the students' potential can be realized.

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