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You Know It’s Not The Same

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You Know It’s Not The Same

Like Harry Styles, we are here today to see everything “As it Was” and how well they are developing for a better tomorrow. Nevertheless, it feels incomplete without having you (our readers) tag along on this journey to explore some interesting aspects of the world and unravel mysteries that did not start with the Big Bang.


Who Came First?

This has been a mystery for the longest time, but we’re finally here with evidence of who came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s no surprise that eggs are found amongst many species after all, they are simply self-nurturing membrane packages working towards growth – it’s the ideal conglomerate of things ready to grow and evolve based on the available DNA. While scientists say that the first chicken on this planet might be a result of genetic mutations, they were able to replicate only by combining the genetics of two almost chicken-like creatures. Simply put, it was not the chicken but the egg that came first. And if you don’t believe us, check out this research by the Australian Academy of Science.


Know Thy Self

Ever wondered if there is a way to know yourself better? Wouldn’t it be just amazing to know what motivates and inspires you to do more and be more? Well, think no further because the 16 Personalities Test is a profound way to analyze how our thought patterns shape the world around us. Not only does it give insight into our likes and dislikes, but also our working styles, nature, and even parenting methods are explained in the analysis. Interested? Take the 10-minute test here.


STEAM-ing the World

Well, it’s no surprise that art and science are going hand-in-hand for children from a young age. STEAM is an ideal way to develop the importance of inquiry and investigation in children to develop future innovators. Since the world is rapidly evolving (due to technology, of course), it will need well-developed minds to take it forward and seize opportunities as they come. If you are wondering how STEAM can help you get forward in life, read this.


Read it, Reddit

No Puns Intended here because we just want to know if as a brand, we should be using Reddit or not. With over 1 billion visitors and 420 million users, we are surprised it does not categorize as a large-scale social media network. Nevertheless, here are some topics people commonly use Reddit for:

· Asking for help on a topic.

· Subscribing to subreddits to learn more about their favorite topics.

· Engaging with a community of people with similar interests.

· And yes, entertainment such as memes, funny content, and discussing their favorite shows.

So, if your business is related to one of the above and can be increased by sharing additional information, then Reddit is for you, and if not, then there’s no harm in enjoying a few good memes. To read more on the topic, click here.


High Schools & Mental Health

While growing up can be full of life changing experiences, for many teens, it is also full of academic pressure, relationship issues, dealing with family members, peer pressure from friends, and making money. We understand that growing up isn’t easy for many teenagers, especially during high school, which is why we’re here to bring you a few ways to navigate through the days. You can start by:

·        1. Make sure you sleep at least 7-9 hours at night.

·        2. Get regular exercise at least 3 days a week.

·        3. Limit social media engagement.

·        4. Stay hydrated – Drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day.

·        5. Plan your day in advance.

·        6. And most importantly – Get some Me-Time

While it is important to hustle and stay on top of the game, it is more important to focus on ourselves and maintain a balance in your life for smooth growth and progress in life. Remember, life is not a race but a marathon!

Read more on how to balance high school and mental health here.


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