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Steep Roads Ahead!

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Steep Roads Ahead!

We know that drifting is done sideways but one thing is certain, you either move sideways or move away from the tracks. And that’s what we are trying to navigate in today’s edition, leaving (donut like) imprints to pave a path towards a better future.



At least, that’s what we would like to call it. At least nineteen new countries are interested in joining the BRICS group, thirteen have sent formal requests, and six have asked informally. The idea? China, the second largest economy, is now focused on building a diplomatic alliance to combat the United Nations and the US Dollar. With over $50 billion seed money in 2014, BRICS set out to provide New Development Bank as an alternative to the World Bank and IMF, gaining the attention of many countries who have had painful experiences with these monetary bodies. Who knows, we might be seeing a new global currency soon. But until then, stay tuned for more from BRICS and read this to learn more!


Is Biogas the Future?

It’s not boring as it sounds. With natural gas reserves diminishing at a steady pace and the world’s energy dependence shifting to self-sufficiency, biogas consumption is set to double, reaching around 75 Mtoe by 2040. Why? Because with the increasing livestock farming, all that dung should be put to work for cheap energy solutions. The best part is that it's renewable, and taking away all the raw materials from the environment will help sustain the environment as well. For more on the topic, check this out.


Where’s Crypto?

In digital wallets and out in the mines (of course). With over 23,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, it is a confusing feat for crypto investors to analyze and keep track of all of them. But having seen a fall in crypto prices in 2022, they are projected to explode by experts in 2023 as more investors are adopting Bitcoin. That can be seen already as it is up by 30% already. Now that’s a catch, and if you want to go out and fish, read this first!


Hold Up AI

For at least six months! Not because of speed but due to uncertainty of direction and positive use. At least that’s what Elon Must and other tech experts say about developing AI tools stronger than Chat GPT-4 in an open letter, covering potential risks for humanity. Although OpenAI didn’t immediately respond to the letter, safety protocols compelled them to do so, seeing that their developers are working with policymakers on governance. To understand the situation better, click here.


Take My Money!

That’s what you’d say if we tell you that Men’s Journal has 100 ways to help you burn fat, and all of them don't require you to exercise! According to science, diet control, and simple habits are more than enough to bring you to a calorie deficit. So, take some time and get started on your weight loss journey. Remember, it’s the small steps that take you a long way!

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