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Seek and Ye Shall Find

The Forest Knows

Asháninka people, one of South America’s largest tribes, have designed a way of life centered around cultural empowerment, indigenous spirituality, and resistance to external encroachment of the land. Having focus on agroforestry and reforestation, they have planted over 2 million trees and have gained support from NGOs and Hollywood stars. Asháninka people are accustomed to silence, to waiting, to observation; they listen to dreams, the spirit world, and immerse themselves in unconsciousness to seek answers of the deeper questions. Sounds interesting? Learn more on how they connect with the forest here.


Bronze Away

Remnants dating back to early Shang Dynasty have been found in Northern China and archeologists are recovering more and more bronze. Drinking vessels, painted pottery, and ornaments from 3,000 years ago. Xu Lianggao, a researcher from the China Institute of Archaeology stated that they’ve found all the necessary elements of a civilization, tombs, large-scale structures, and settlement structures. Town centers in the bronze age were made using a building technique called rammed-earth, incorporating functioning structures, artisan workshops, and pottery kilns. It is exciting to see history lessons surface during our times. Learn more about it here.


Global Education Outlook

Post COVID-19, life has not only become challenged due to rising levels of global inflation but also left many repercussions for the future. It is estimated that a total of 1.6 billion children from around the world have permanently disrupted their education in under-resourced communities. That amounts to one-third of the global children population. This puts a total of 10 million additional girls at risk of child marriage over the next decade. While regulatory bodies sense the urgency of the matter, rehabilitating such a large number of children towards educational institutions might be a challenge due to the prevailing socio-economic conditions. Hence, it is recommended by “Room To Read” to support educational resource development projects and lend a hand in the cause however we can. To learn more about the situation, click here.


Social Media and Mental Health

As much as social media helps us to stay connected with our friends and family, multiple research studies have found a direct correlation between social media use and feelings of addiction, anxiety, depression, isolation, and FOMO. If you know someone in this scenario, here’s how you can help them; Reduce social media time to 30 minutes per day or do a complete detox, if possible, switch off devices when not in use at certain times of the day, disable social media notifications, and spend more time with offline friends doing activities or simply being around them. To learn more about how to regulate mental health and social media use, click here.


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