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Exploring The Essentials

This year has been one roller coaster ride so far. Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic to being overwhelmed by AI in 2023 has been one big turn of events. But while we wait for old Bugs Bunny to say: “That’s all folks!” Let’s dive in to explore the essentials of keeping people on the edge of their seats this week.


Will ChatGPT Replace Me?

As William Joyce said: “To understand creativity is to conquer” The same is true with ChatGPT. It all comes down to our realization of it being a tool and how we use ChatGPT to our advantage. From telling jokes to writing codes, it can process information and give results faster than you can say Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.


Dollars In The Spotlight

March 2023 brought the US dollar into the spotlight Saudi Arabia considers trading oil in yuan to further attempts at strategic alliance with Russia and China. This started from repeated airstrikes at Aramco’s facilities in Yemen which made Saudis reconsider diplomacy with stronger nations instead of relying on the expensive US defenses. Well, we can’t say for sure how things are going to unfold but it's time to brace the oil. Read more about it here.


What’s New In Science?

Are your plants dehydrated?

Scientists reported on 30th March that dry tomato and tobacco plants emit distinct ultrasonic clicks, similar to popping a bubble wrap sheet. While there are many ways to detect stressed plants, like changes in color, smell, and shape, now sounds are also a part of the mix. This can be the future of our plant stress identification in greenhouses and virtual farms or maybe end up being an ASMR soundtrack.

The Sustainable Future

Experts at the World Economic Forum say that by 2030 solar energy will become one of the most reliable sources of energy as scientists are continuously working to make it more cost-effective and efficient by the day. Solar dates back decades and has now progressed to provide more than 115 gigawatts (GW) of energy this year. With innovations such as bifacial modules, very soon, our solar panels will be able to capture energy from both sides. So, grandma’s suggestion to “catch some sun” is not a bad idea!



Mental Health and Fitness

Looking after one’s mental health is one of the most important things, we all should maintain in life. It is often easy to get hooked on feelings and difficult thoughts, even while having fun or being surrounded by loved ones. However, taking a step back to align with our core values can help us regulate emotions and prevail stronger than the hooks. A few things that prove effective in regulating mental health are eating brain healthy diets and prioritizing leisure time. Interested in learning more? Click here.


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