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Expect The Unexpected

Twists – by Wall Street

Although Wall Street predicted a surge for oil this year, however, prices have gone down significantly (At least than what they expected). Analysts have outright flagged this financial turmoil obstructing the bullish outlook.

Another reason for the increased demand is the aggressive return of China to “zero-Covid” measures as China focuses on recovering its production capacity, and it being the world’s largest crude oil importer has a lot to do with the increase in oil demand.

While President Biden tips between motivating oil companies to extract or retain oil, the prices are set to skyrocket in the Western economy and beyond. For further details, read more here.


Ever heard of Super-Apps?

Well, Asians have, and apparently, they are so used to it that the world seems less colorful without them in their countries. Well, to name a few, WeChat, Alipay, Meituan, etcetera are just a few examples of which even Elon Musk praises and wants Twitter to become their competitor in the future.

So back to the real question, what is a Super-App? To simply put, a Super-App is a single application, easily accessible through your phone or browser, offering a wide range of services ranging from personal, commercial, financial, and social utility. Super-Apps also provide an immense library of customer data to large scale organizations, which can be used to identify consumer preferences and offer discounts, promotions, and personalized recommendations accordingly. E-commerce is a huge industry, and through Super-Apps, it has become even larger. To learn how, click here.


Deep Diving the Global Economy!

We came here to deep dive, but it looks like the Global Economy is ready to join us in the quest. With the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis in Europe, raging debt in developing countries, and skyrocketing global inflation, things are looking slim. Experts like Eswar Prasad say that there is a heightened risk of financial turmoil and economic pain, and even China rushing to get out of the impacts of Covid shows the giants are also operating on thin ice, so its high time we take a look at this in detail here and get ready to swim in deep waters.



Good News for Digital Nomads.

Work and travel have found a new meaning with the digital nomad visa, now offered by 55 countries! All they require is a valid passport and proof of being a digital nomad and funds that you are earning roughly between $2000-3000 through online means, and you are good to travel around the world. Let’s face it, we’ve all faced isolation during the pandemic, and it was high time the world opens its doors and makes it easier for people to travel and experience the world around us. So, grab your passports, check here which countries you qualify for, and start your trip around the world.


Peace Above All Else!

That’s right – for many countries, ensuring safety and tranquility among residents are the most important factors which encourage them to maintain neutrality even in domestic and international conflicts. Although the list for 2023 is not out yet, but according to the global peace index last year, conducted in 153 countries (97.5% of the world’s people), Iceland remains at the top as it has been for 15 years, followed by New Zealand at second place, Denmark at third. We recommend you check the lists shared by World Population Review because they will tell you the top 20 most peaceful countries and the 10 least peaceful countries.


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