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Canada has taken the world by storm, as Google and Meta are to withdraw news article access in the country if the legislation pushing internet companies to pay news publishers is passed. Executives have already informed the Canadian government about their future steps, but this is something we’ve already seen before, with Australia passing the same ground-breaking law in 2021, which also triggered similar retaliation. It all comes down to how things unfold in Canada. Who knows, this might trickle down to other countries as well. Interested? To learn more, click here.


K-Pop on the horizon

It’s no surprise that last year was labeled as the year of K-Pop, as BTS and Blackpink made waves after waves in the music industry, but we could hear hearts sinking in the pin-drop silence when BTS announced they are taking a break from group activities. But it was soon cleared that the decision is based on pursuing solo performances and albums while pursuing mandatory military training. Blackpink also made a return last year with their “Born Pink” album after their last release in 2020 and are now on a tour that will continue till summer 2023. Well, that’s one aspect of their career that’s booming alongside acting. So, if you’re a K-Pop fan, you are in for a whole lot more in the upcoming years than usual. Check out more, by clicking here.


Moon’s away

Milankovitch cycles are acting up, and they might not be as kind as we would like. That’s right! We might see a range of new seasons and weather changes in the upcoming years as the moon is drifting away from the earth by 3.8 centimeters each year. According to NASA, if this keeps up, we are set to experience changes in the gravitational field and, who knows, even variations in the day’s length. But experts highlighted that if this were a recurring phenomenon then the earth and moon would have collided 1.5 billion years ago! So, there is still hope, and we might see the moon’s return soon, but for now, read this to learn more.

Small steps towards health

Maintaining health does not necessarily have to come down to taking extreme measures, rather taking baby steps can also ensure we remain fit and healthy in the long run. For example, simply walking 10,000 steps a day can ensure a healthy body regardless of doing a workout. Revisiting food intake to ensure a healthy diet is something we all know works well to improve our health, so staking your fridge with healthy snacks is not such a bad idea. And last but not least, stay hydrated – Depending on your BMI, anything between 2.5-3.5 liters per day, or as the doctors advise: 8 glasses each day! So, get in the health zone here and start your fitness journey.


What makes people happy

Measuring happiness and satisfaction is not new in social sciences as it allows humans to revisit and shape our lives for the better. So, how can we ensure happiness in our daily routine? Experts suggest building resilience and fortitude as a starting point, which can be practiced through mindfulness, observing our situation, and seeing the good in the bad. Just as one can’t travel without a destination, we can’t live happily without a purpose, so we suggest it’s the right time to start looking. And lastly, our favorites, practicing kindness and building healthy relationships, go a long way, just like all the other points mentioned by Dr. Tchiki Davis.



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