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Where’s The Avatar?

Because we need some elemental control! Global warming is real, and it’s impacting the planet real bad. Unfortunately, we have yet another case of yet another wildfire, and it's not going to end well for the North. Canada is experiencing wildfire, which was stopped by rain. However, the downpour has alarmed the authorities as the situation is turning to catastrophic flooding. The 512 wildfires this season have already consumed about 945,000 hectares, and the firefighters were relieved to see the rain, but the prolonged spells in the charred areas lead to swollen rivers, which cause floods. Let’s hope things get better in Canada and learn more by clicking here.

Scents and Beyond

As if a whole world on the internet wasn’t enough, we now have scents in the Metaverse! That’s right, OVR has now developed a wearable technology (a white, Bluetooth-enabled snap-on cartridge, aka the ION) that allows you to experience digital scent while navigating through the virtual world. This technology comes with nine different chemical compounds, which make hundreds of scents in response to digitally programmed cues. OVR Technology is already being used for scent therapy and guided meditations via inhale Wellness. The smell-o-verse is an exciting digital scent space. Read more about it here.


TikTok Bans

Just when we were starting to like TikTok, news of bans are all over the horizon, and it sounds like more countries are taking swings. USA, Canada, Britain, and several EU bodies have imposed a ban on government devices. India followed up and banned TikTok in 2020 along with Taiwan (on state-owned devices). Pakistan has also banned and unbanned TikTok roughly four times in hopes to redirect the audience to other social media platforms. British journalist Chris Stokel-Walker questioned the motivation behind the ban as US state leaders highlighted China having motives of building an information database through the app. A Forbes report in December 2022 even stated that TikTok was being used to track journalists and leak information. While we don’t know how true that is, let’s hope things look smooth in the future for our social media celebrities using the app. Read more about this here.

All Eyes on You

Citizens can’t decide if this is for safety or an invasion of privacy, the US has brought surveillance cities to the suburbs. Fusus, a police technology platform that integrates with public and private cameras and databases are the talk of towns as it is integrated with private cameras town after town. Fusus now operates in 60 different cities across the United States as a part of public safety initiatives and saves authorities a significant amount of time when tracking criminals as the proceedings are real-time. However, the public debate about having more eyes on them 24/7 violates their privacy and the First Amendment rights of citizens. To read more about it, click here.

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