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Above and Beyond


The title of today’s blog represents our AEN motto, and by delivering more than promised, the community benefits ten folds in bringing prosperity to the world around us. Since we are on the topic, let’s dive in and look into a few avenues where excellence is being served.


Don’t let the trash out

Because it’s been going to the ocean! A lot of people are now realizing the dangers of water pollution but are not taking any measures to prevent it. According to experts, only 80 rivers (Out of 3 million) worldwide are responsible for 90% of global water pollution. So, it's not a bad idea to start throwing trash where it belongs (In the bin and not on the streets), so it can land up in recycling and incineration facilities.

Nonetheless, we finally have a savior of the oceans, and it's not Aquaman. Ocean Cleanup, an organization dedicated to removing solid waste from the seas, has developed a unique technology that can remove more than 90% of all floating waste by 2040. Now that they’re in action, it's time for us to support them. So the next time you see waste lying around, just throw it in the trash, meanwhile watch this to learn more!


Alice no longer in Wonderland

That’s right, Alice is out in the real world and has already made it to the news. After all, it’s the world’s first All Electric Plane that successfully completed its maiden flight. Although Alice was airborne for only 8 minutes in the testing phase, it reached a height of around 3500 feet and maneuvered perfectly as expected. This is a huge milestone in the aviation industry as now they can proceed towards environmentally friendly solutions. Now that’s what we call going above and beyond! To learn more, click here.


Seeing Beyond Galaxies

That’s right, humans are way beyond the stars this time around all thanks to the James Webb telescope that was sent to space last year. We have been receiving astounding images of fledging stars and the ancient universe along with revealing complexities of the distant universe. Scientists have also been able to trace water vapors and carbon dioxide on two exoplanets in galaxies far far away. And if that doesn’t give you hopes of life beyond Earth, there’s a lot more where that came from, click here to find out.


Combat Climate Change (Through Seabirds?)

There have been ongoing speculations regarding climate change and how to prevent it. Biodiversity and biomass loss through habitat destruction and natural resources overexploitation by humans contribute immensely to climate change and increase global warming significantly. If this keeps on, Earth’s temperature will rise by 3°C by the year 2100!

However, scientists have found that efforts to restore the seabird population can significantly improve the ocean ecosystem and reduce carbon dioxide levels. Seabirds have long been responsible for transferring nutrients from one place to another through migration. With their population rapidly declining since the 1950s and the limited viability of assisted migration, breeding and restoring seabird populations and habitats are a sure way to deal with the current climate challenges and help prevent future catastrophes. To learn more, click here.


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