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10 Things to Look Forward To At Alpha

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10 Things to Look Forward To At Alpha

Pack Wars

Alpha has 4 highly competitive and energetic clubs, namely Sawtooth, Rufus, Arcadian, and Timber. The pack wars are an exciting and nail-biting event, something the students eagerly wait for every year. Every year the school holds an inter-house competition where students fight tooth and nail to bring their house to the top.

Student Council

Alpha offers its students the opportunity to carve their path and rise to leadership positions. Hence the student council gives the first taste of leadership where students fill the role of a president, general secretary, and vice president. The aim of the council is to offer friendly support and a tranquil environment for the student’s growth where positions are filled through a fair election.

The student council elections are an exciting time offering ample opportunity to campaign and win votes.The fierce competition and winning spirit make the elections a wild ride not to be missed.


Alpha college believes in catering to individual needs. Hence the school has set up various societies that serve various interests. From Journalism, Writing, Social Media, Public Speaking Media to Literary societies, the college offers a venue for students to explore their various talents and skills.

Additionally, the college also has Entrepreneurial, Innovation, Stem and Robotics societies which allow the students to think out of the box. Alpha also supports the students topresent their novel ideas in interschool events across the nation. Hence there are always things at Alphathat are ready to build your strength and craft.

Epsilon Science Olympiad

The Epsilon Science Olympiad is a thrilling 3 day Science Event full of critical thinking and innovative puzzles, that cater to every student. The brainchild of Alpha College, these interschool events offer the students a chance to bring their ingenuity forward in a competitive environment. Each Module of the event is designed to test experimental designing, critical thinking, scientific knowledge and much more!

Infinity Nights

Around graduation, Alpha gives back to the students in the most exciting way possible. The college hosts a night of fun and frolic with a bonfire night. From a concert, light show, dance floor to dazzling fireworks, the night is captivating and exhilarating. It is one calendar event where students and teachers take part with enthusiasm and form fond memories.

Alpha Buzz

A product of Journalism Society, this magazine captures all the highlights of the year. It also offers a venue for talented poets, writers, and artists at Alpha to share their work with fellow students and faculty. Those with a passion for arts and literature can contribute their work or become part of the editing and writers panel.


Alpha, under the supervision of coaches trains and builds skills of its sporty students. From basketball, cricket to swimming teams, the college offers both girls and boys a chance to build their sporting skills. Students can take part in both interschool and inter-house sporting competitions. With the grounds expanding further starting this year, there will be more on offer for those with an affinity to sports at Alpha.

Project Teach

The Project Teach was initiated by the Civics Innovations Society where students volunteer and dedicate their valuable time to the domestic staff at Alpha. The students teach courses such as basic languages, math, and writing skills and help the staff to graduate with a diploma by the end of the year.

The students of Alpha hence have the opportunity to build their bank of volunteer hours for college applications within the school premises and to build skills in a person with consistent effort.


Alpha has an active MUN club and the delegates not only take part in interschool events but have a chance to organize and host ALP’MUN themselves too. The ALP’MUN is a highly illustrious event held every year where students take part in engaging debates and compelling discussions.

Delegates are tasked with challenging topics and season themselves to enter leadership positions. It is a fantastic event to propose solutions to real-world problems.

Pakistan Tour

Alpha believes in giving students the experience of a lifetime to equip them for real challenges ahead. Hence the college takes students for an 11 day trip across the country to expand their minds and enhance experiences.Students step out of the class room setting, learn to interact and build networking skills through real life experiences.

The trip covers locations such as the cultural city of Lahore, the teeth shatteringly chilly Shugran, the hilly city of Murree, the heritage-rich Abbottabad and more.The trip builds character as the students explore the mesmerizing views of the country.