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Admission / How To Apply

How To Apply

Applicants can directly apply through the provided link on the website. The applicants must ensure that all the information stated in the form entirely factual.

After the application form is filled, you are required to submit the following documents in a sealed envelope to our campus.

  • 9th and 10th School transcript
  • CIE grade 10 transcript
  • ECA and CCA achievements

Selected Applicants will then receive an interview call. The admission board will take in to account all relevant criteria (as mentioned above) to make decisions regarding admissions.


WHO DO WE WANT?The principal aim of the Admissions Policy of the Alpha College is to offer admission to students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social and financial considerations.

The principal aim of the Admissions Policy of the Alpha College is to offer admission to students of the highest intellectual potential,irrespective of social and financial considerations.

Once students are admitted, we ensure that they're given the academic, personal and, where appropriate, financial support necessary for successful completion of their course at the college.

Detailed selection criteria may vary but in all we're looking for:

  • Academic ability and potential
  • Motivation and suitability for the course material
  • Commitment and self-discipline
  • Active participation in co-curricular activities
  • A well-rounded personality (confident, expressive, fluent in language, able to reason)

All applications are considered and evaluated on the basis of individual potential. The College's mission is to maintain excellent standards of achievement in teaching and research in order to attract and admit students of the highest caliber. Alpha's reputation relies on the people who make its diverse and high-achieving administration and faculty. In pursuing its aim of excellence, Alpha adheres to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities which ensures that it does not discriminate against any individual, from the first point of contact till their graduation. Selection is based on academic ability (50% weightage), (enthusiasm) for studies, interest in the subject area and the potential both to benefit from the experience and to contribute to College life while on course.

The most integral parts of the whole admission program is an interview-based assessment of the candidate. Every candidate will be required to sit for an interview-based assessment which will contain 30% of the entire weightage of the admission criteria.

In addition to academic abilities, students with outstanding records in co-curricular activities will also be considered separately (20% of the total weightage). The students will be required to attach certificates to validate their claims along with the admission form.

Every applicant will be considered individually in a holistic assessment using all the information available to us.

The college reserves the right to make decisions regarding the admission of any applicant in a situation otherwise.